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BMI = Body Mass Index.

PI = Ideal Weight


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What does the Nutritional Counseling Include?

Diagnostic Impression

To achieve the objectives, the treatment has the following process:

It represents the first physical contact between the Nutritionist, Doctor and Patient, where in the first appointment we meet:

Medical History

It consists of evaluating your family history, non-pathological personal (habits, blood type, etc.), pathological personal (diseases, surgeries) in order to adapt the treatment to your needs.

Food Evaluation

It consists of a count of eating habits and a 24-hour reminder, where the patient is asked the menu they consume on a normal day, recording their responses and translating them into nutritional terms.

Anthropometric Evaluation

It is the result of body measurements and electronic devices, whose data guide us on the person’s body composition (amount of body fat and lean mass, in kilograms and percentages).

Laboratory Studies and Definitive Diagnosis

If required, in your consultation laboratory studies will be performed that will allow the Doctor to diagnose the origin of your condition.

Food Treatment

The above data is evaluated according to indices and parameters to generate a personalized diet.

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Medical and Nutritional Management


Here it is important to point out that this regimen is personalized and responds to the eating habits of each person, their physical activity and their lifestyle. We have several ways to carry out a diet that, together with the patient-doctor, will decide the best for each particular case.

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The patient will receive the medications they need according to their condition, legal in Mexico and the world, which will help them improve their metabolism, regulate their appetite, use fat as kinetic energy, reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and favor their use by muscles.

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Regional or Local Aesthetic Treatment

If required, in your consultation you will be given a mousse or gel that is applied on the abdomen and other areas of difficult reduction, which helps to eliminate localized adipose tissue, tones, hydrates the skin increasing oxygenation and nutrition of the It reduces excess toxins, stimulates venous circulation and improves the undulation of the skin, making it smoother, smoother and more uniform.

Multipolar radiofrequency: Using patented technology, multipolar radiofrequency is used with pulsed magnetic fields that produces a relaxing and therapeutic heat matrix on the skin. Skin tightening, wrinkle and cellulite reduction occurs because multipolar radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissues that stimulates the body’s natural healing reaction. This restorative response causes the skin to contract, achieving firm skin, smoothing wrinkles and reducing cellulite.

Mesotherapy works, by injecting beneficial substances for the human body, mesotherapy dissolves fat so that you can eliminate it in the urine. Some people need one type of compound and others do better with a stronger active ingredient. It all depends on the type of fat you have as well as the structure of your body. If you have more accumulated in an area such as the abdomen, the hips

The elimination of toxins and fat is through urination. And the process begins in the clinic, when different injectable substances in the area where you have excess cells and fatty tissue begin to be treated.

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Follow-up or subsequent consultations

It consists of a new anthropometric evaluation whose results are compared with those of the previous consultation. It is used to determine the changes in weight and body composition resulting from monitoring the personal diet. The previous results allow adapting the diet according to the response of the person’s metabolism, calculating new menus that monitor favorable changes and break the monotony of daily eating.

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